Thermal Spray Coating Service - Metallizing Service and Twin Metal Wire Arc Spray Coating Service Manufacturer and Trader Gujarat, India

Plants And Facilities

We being in the industry now for such a long time making continuous progress & advancements in providing the services own the facility in compliance with ISO standards for surface modification.With our very newly commissioned hi-tech workshop we are now presenting ourselves as one of the biggest giants in providing thermal spray services in India. In this highly sophisticated plant engineers & technicians refurbish, repair, fabricate, manufacture, overhaul & giving coating for every king of rotating/reciprocating machinery and in tanks/vessel subjected to heavy corrosion. The plant is equipped with the latest HP/HVOF, HVOF, WIRE ARC ,PLASMA and FLAME SPRAY coating system. Grinding machines of various capacities and high precision machine tool for superior surface finish are established in our 3 workshops..

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