Alloy Spray & Engineering Service provider of Thermal Spray Coating, on site service

On Site Service

We can provide coating facilities at their job shop in Ahmadabad or at customers plant depending on the engineering situation. In providing complex thermal spray solutions we take care of small details which are crucial for the success of our operations. Our dedication to excellence and eye for details has helped us to set new standards for customers. At times we have succeded in exceeding our customers requirement for dimension, concentricity and surface finish.

We are aware that the best equipment and material does not ensure desired result. We entrust these in the hands our experience, reliable and highly technical staff to produce uncompromising results repeatedly.

In-situ coating and grinding operation by ASE Technicians Duel Coating system applied on paper Mill Cylinder size.15 ft. x 16 ft. Copper coating on Paper mill cylinder by DUEL COATING SYSTEM at our Job Shop Copper coating on Cylinder in-situ.

TSA/Aluminizing by High Velocity Arc Wire Spray Process
Boiler Tube Coating
Steel Plant (Furnace Elbow) Coating
Paper Mill Cylinder
HVOF coating on Turbine Runner
Steel plant Pinion gear bearing box
Sugar Mill Roll