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Oil & Gas Industry


In the oil and gas industry continuous efforts are been made to target higher productivity. This makes long life, reliability, and reduced down time as key issues. Thermal spray coatings are done owning the capability to operate in the most extreme, i.e. high pressure, erosion, corrosion, abrasion environments.

Sub-sea ball valves, Plungers, piston rods, etc components are unable to get maintenance activities been carried out on frequent basis because of higher pressures from both the water and the sub-sea environment & other difficulties. Equipment needing maintenance is needed to be brought onto the surface for repair, which results in increased downtime and expense.

At depths of over 250 meters pressures of up to 150 bar on sub-sea ball valves is common. ASE provides dense tungsten-carbide coatings, applied using HVOF technology, on balls and seals to be leak-tight.

Higher nos. are required to be achieved when it comes to the quality of coating while coating a component for the Oil & Gas industry, so as to have the coating serve the desire purpose to the best in adverse conditions. HVOF coatings offers excellent resistance to abrasion when sand or other piping/process debris is present. These coatings are also dense and provide a better surface to achieve a satisfactory gas seal compared to other coatings, and the greatest advantage of HVOF coatings is that, that it do not require sealing of the coating surface to achieve the leak-tight sealing requirements between the ball and seat rings.