Coating Jobs - Paper, Printing, Chemical, steel, Hydro Power from Gujarat, India

Coating Jobs

Paper : Yankee mg cylinders, dryer cylinder, re-winder rolls, calendar rolls, pope reel, cooling cylinder, coated pump sleeves, felt guide rolls, separator rolls, winder/reeling drum, press rolls, and bearing journal reclamation.

Printing : Gripper fingers and pads, chill rolls, in feed rolls, ink fountain rollers, water pan rollers , copper vibrator rollers, metering rollers, glue rolls, folder cylinders, bearing cells, former boards and noses, angle bars, vibrator gudgeons, cutting irons.

Chemical : Mixers, vessels, storage tanks, centrifuges, pump castings, reciprocating plungers, pump sleeves, ball valves, mechanical seals, drive shafts, feed screws, compressor rods,

Steel : Stabilizer rolls, hearth rolls, ACBR ( anti cross break rolls) , bridle rolls, deflector rolls, sync rolls pinch rolls, table roller, roll chuck, mud gun, nozzle, cheek plates, screw feeder shafts, end seal plates, mandrels, shafts, sleeves, and bushes for support rolls.

Hydro Power : Runners, cheek plates, guide vanes bushes, guide vanes, labyrich seals, guide vane sleeves, inlet gates, radial gates, shaft gates, draft tube gates,

Steam Turbine : Inner surface of turbine housings, horizontal joints of turbines, critical sealing surfaces of housings and guide vanes/carriers, steam steering parts, turbine related steam pipes, steam valves and parts, bearing and sealing faces of rotor shafts, Babbitt bearings.